U!KNO pres. SoulFutureBass w/ Bobby Tank & Hazeem

SOULFUTUREBASS presents Bobby Tank

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ROUND 2! Nach dem Startschuss mit FilosofischeStilte & Schwarz Don’t Crack Ende letzten Jahres, wird diesen Samstag die zweite Party des frisch gegründeten SoulFutureBass Kolllektivs gefeiert! U!KNO ist auch mit dabei und unsterstützt die Brudis diesmal im BASE MENT in Kreuzberg! Checkt die Sounds vom FutureFunk-Gott Bobby Tank aus London, dem Berliner Beetgeek Hazeem und den Jungs von SFB Flixso, Till Monday und Brudi. Letztere haben mit Bobby Tank im Vorfeld ein Interview geführt, welches ihr hier exklusiv lesen könnt!

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Bobby Tank is the new wunderkind of glitchy electrofunk, a producer and performer who makes music that sounds like a mosaic of every great electronic dance style of the past 30 years.
Bobby’s music is steeped in dubstep and drum’n’bass, the epic pop constructions of Michael Jackson, glossy soul, hi-tech funk, dextrous jazz fusion, even prog. He is self-taught producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard player and turntablist. Over a series of releases he has established himself as a “mad maximalists” akin to Rustie and Hudson Mohawke.

SOULFUTUREBASS invited the London guy to play along Beatgeek’s Hazeem on Saturday at Base Ment. Therefor we asked him some questions:

01. Describe yourself in three words:

outside the box

02: Describe your music in three words:

have no idea

03. Where do you and your music have your roots? How do you think did your musical background (playing a multitude of instruments) influence the style that you play right now?

It all started at an early age. Apparently showed a fair amount of maturity in my choice of music since the age of 5. My mum always had music playing around the house so i was exposed to alotta cool sounds. We were all big fans of MJ, pretty much like everyone at the time but that funky new jack shit really spoke to me. I began to start experimenting with instrumentation around the age of 7, picked up some drum sticks and just started playing. Felt so natural. Got into hip hop and jungle around the age of 8 and have just evolved from there onwards. After self teaching myself drums, guitar and bass i joined up with some bands taking various different roles, thats where i learnt how to compose and formulate structure in how i approached a composition. Have basically listened to and studied a variety of genres and i think it shows in the music i make today.

04. When did switch from merely playing music to start making your own music and why the transition to electronic music? Do you see more possibilities in electronic music versus traditional music, or what is your motivation?

Yeh like after playing in a shit load of bands i felt i needed to focus on my own ideas cos i had loads. In 2007 i went in lived in new york for a bit and i was introduced to a whole new side of electronic music, all that crazy glitchy idm hip hop hybrid stuff like machinedrum, edit, dabrye, flylo. Fell in love immediately. Opened up a whole new door really but it wasnt until april 2010 i decided to give music production a go. All my knowledge i had learnt over the years i could just process into a program and again it felt so natural but the way i make electronic music is very similar to how i used to write music with bands so the transition was surprisingly smooth. I have only been doing this for nearly 4 years and yet still havent even scratched the surface. So much to learn still, just the possibilities alone with what can be done with software is motivation enough.

05. How do you feel about Rick James, unicorns, and crack pipes, and have you seen/do you see your style of music shifting over the years? What’s next?

haha yeh good ol ricky and his cracky ways hahaha. Rick james is a legend, unicorns are flying horses and im totally against crack but all of that shit together, you got what i was making in the beginning. Like i said, still got lots to learn lol. Im always trying to push the envelope, dont really follow genre trends and always try my best to come up with something new and fresh so not sure where my sounds will go but ima try my best to keep you guys out of the norm.

06. Who would you like to play with and are there any collaborations you’re working on this year?

Ahh mate, ive been talkin with so many people. Eagles for hands, phonat, cass lowe, etml, druid cloak…….list goes on but i gotta get my new shit sorted first. Will keep ya posted.

07. What kind of equipment and software do you use to produce?

Right now its fairly basic. Mac pro, couple midi keyboards, drum pads, midi drum controllers, guitars and a bunch of legit software. Ableton is the daw. Love it.

08. You’ve played all over the world – with big names, solo, in small bars and large clubs – what still gets you really excited?

Been so grateful for the opportunities that have been given. Every single show ive done, be it small or big, its been an honour. Just to be given a platform to play out music i like really loud is mad exciting.

09. Alright, let’s move on to some more personal stuff: what was the most embarrassing moment in the life of Bobby T.?

Too many, im a clumsy prick……thats all im gonna say.

10. What newspaper headline would you like to read about yourself?

‘Bobby Tank wins grammy…..really! Wtf is wrong with everyone?’

11. We heard that you were quite ill in 2013. Would you be willing to tell us what you had? And, more importantly, if you’re back at 100% now healthwise?

Had a few issues, inner ear, heart and vision. It was fucked, i fuckin hated it. Was in and out of hospital over a period of 5 months looooooong tings but better now and just hoping i can make it atleast till my next record is out lol

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Alive and living comfortably of this music shit ooooor just alive with my hearing still intact…..i need my ears.

13. And finally what are you most looking forward to in 2014 and what can we expect from you in the near future? And how much would you love playing in Berlin?!

Got a lot brewing. Gotta get this ep out!! My fuckin illness really screwed shit up so thats a priority, collabs an album and loads of shows. Have always wanted to play berlin so really excited. Thanks for havin me play out there guys.

Thanks for the great interview man. We really hope that you’re feeling better – we love your music and can’t wait for your show on Saturday!

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..lie in the sun in sardinia..


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